Jennabellatrix Original Poetry

Hello and welcome to my Poetry Site.

I absolutely love to write poetry and I would dearly love to share it with you. I, currently, predominantly share it on Instagram and I will continue to do so, however, I have decided I would like also to revisit some if my earlier efforts whilst at the same time, expanding what I am currently doing….this is very much a journey for me.

This, for me, is a learning experience and I therefore, by no means, consider myself an expert, or even a “poet” for that matter but I do love to write, to tell little stories and I hope you will enjoy reading them…so here we go. Join me.



The Doomsday Clock…Tick-Tock

This is one of the many poems I had in one of my notebooks. You know how it goes…they remain half-finished scribbles until you find them again and think, let’s go! So finally, voilà❣️😊 I hope everyone is well and, as always, thank you for your love and support. Love Jennabellatrix xo.

Crush the Serpent

The Irish Referendum is important. As Catholics, we choose life❣️🙏 It’s time we spoke up. I’m sick of this culture of death, aren’t you?! It starts with respecting human life and yes, life starts at conception contrary to what some would have you believe …it’s a scientific fact! Ireland we love you 😘 🇮🇪 Crush the Serpent❣️May God Bless you all❣️😘 Praying for Ireland. 🇮🇪 love Jennabellatrix xo.