Isn’t it fun to look through old photos? Sometimes, a single photo can be so special to us and all the more so as it ages. We can get quite sentimental about an old photo and hold it in our hand and never get tired of looking at it no matter how worn and torn it becomes.

Nowadays, we store our memories on a computer or on a phone…lovely, crisp, clean images with perhaps the odd filter added. We may have taken the same photo many times over to get the best one. Beautiful, yes, but a lot less fun. Are we really ever as attached to these photos? They’re kind of disposable as trying to get the perfect has replaced seeing life as it really is or was.

Anyway, enough from me. Cheers, Jennabellatrix.



Author: jennabellatrix

I write a lot of poetry and I would love to share it with you. Currently, I share my work predominantly on Instagram. I'm also a musician, singer-songwriter (themousepolice). You can find me on Soundcloud, Youtube and Bandcamp.

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