Harvest Moon

Hi again, as promised, here is the second version of the poem with the line I omitted. I just couldn’t decide which I liked better so I guess you’re stuck with both. Hopefully, you like them both. Cheers and love from Jennabellatrix xo.



Harvest Moon

Well, this is interesting because after posting this poem, I realized that I had left a line out. I kind of like them both so this is the first one and what follows is the second one with the extra line added in. Cheers, Jennabellatrix xo.


Tiger, your time has come

And your time will come as well! Keep going, don’t give up, focus, persist and believe.
After 37 years, Richmond Tigers have won the AFL Grand Final. We are so happy! It was a great game…smiles and tears abounded…awesome. Congratulations. Love Jennabellatrix xo


Hello Poetry Lovers, from Jennabellatrix

So here we are. I am finally getting around to starting up my poetry blog. I have been posting my poetry on Instagram for about 2 years now and I love it so much! There are a great group of supportive and talented individuals there on Instagram… I owe them so very much! I do, however, feel that the time has come to spread my wings a bit and so I will be regularly also posting my work here on my WordPress site as well. As I have already mentioned on my “About” page this is a totally new experience for me and I will be more or less learning as I go so please bear with me as I navigate my way around the site.

I would dearly love to share some of my earlier works with you and so I’ll  be interspersing those earlier poems in between my current work…I may even update a few of them.

You will notice that my poetry usually involves some kind of art work whether it is just a plain background or something a little more intricate. I like this extra dimension and I feel that Art is Poetry and Poetry is Art so they go together really nicely. I just started to do it that way because I was posting on Instagram. Of course, good poetry can stand alone but it’s just what I like to do at the moment.

Anyway, that’s enough from me for now.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,



Jennabellatrix Original Poetry

Hello and welcome to my Poetry Site.

I absolutely love to write poetry and I would dearly love to share it with you. I, currently, predominantly share it on Instagram and I will continue to do so, however, I have decided I would like also to revisit some if my earlier efforts whilst at the same time, expanding what I am currently doing….this is very much a journey for me.

This, for me, is a learning experience and I therefore, by no means, consider myself an expert, or even a “poet” for that matter but I do love to write, to tell little stories and I hope you will enjoy reading them…so here we go. Join me.